Performance indicators

AreaAspect Indicators Volumes A, B, C
EconomicEconomic Performance EC1, EC2, EC3 Volume A
Volume C 
 Financing from Public Administration EC4 Volume C
 Local Suppliers expenditure policies EC6 Volume C
 Hiring procedures and percentage of local senior management EC7 Volume C
EnvironmentalRaw materials EN1, EN2 Volume C
 Energy-water EN3, EN4, EN5, EN6, EN7, EN8 Volume C
 Biodiversity EN11, EN12, EN13, EN14 Volume C
 Emissions, Effluents and Waste EN16, EN17, EN18, EN19, EN20, EN21, EN22, EN23,EN24* Volume C
 Products and Services EN26 Volume C
 Packaging EN27 Volume C
 Compliance EN28 Volume C
 Transport EN29 Volume C
 General EN30* Volume C
Labour PracticesEmployment LA1, LA2, LA3 Volume C
 Industrial Relations LA4,LA5 Volume C
 Occupational Health and Safety LA6, LA7*,LA8, LA9 Volume C
 Education and training LA10, LA11 Volume C
 Diversity and equal opportunities, Equal Remuneration for Women and Men, Return to Work after Parental Leave and Retention Rate LA12, LA13, LA14, LA15 Volume C
Human RightsInvestment and Procurement Practices HR1, HR2, HR3 Volume C
 Non-discrimination HR4 Volume C
 Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining HR5 Volume C
 Child Labour HR6 Volume C
 Forced and Compulsory Labour HR7 Volume C
 Assessment: Operations subject to human rights reviews or impact assessments HR10 Volume C
 Remediation: Reports received regarding human rights, handled and resolved by means of a formal reporting mechanism HR11 Volume C
CompanyLocal Communities SO1, SO9, SO10 Volume C
 Corruption SO2, SO3, SO4 Volume C
 Public policy, Anti-competitive behaviour SO5, SO6SO7 Volume A
Volume C
 Compliance SO8 Volume C
Product LiabilityCustomer Health and Safety & product life cycle PR1 Volume C
 Product Information PR3 VolumeC
 Compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning Product information and labelling PR4 Volume C
 Costumer Satisfaction PR5 Volume C
 Programs for adherence to law, standards and voluntary codes related to marketing, advertising, promotion and sponsorship PR6 Volume C
 Compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning marketing activity, including advertising, promotion and sponsorship PR7 Volume C
 Compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products PR9 Volume C
Indirect economic impact EC8 Volume C
Volume A: Annual Financial Report at December 31, 2011; Volume B: Annual Report on Governance and the structure of Share Ownership; Volume C: Sustainability Report. * partially accounted